Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Weekend

Camping in Barview-best weekend trip!!
We have been camping here for years and it's a family favorite place to go:)
The campground is huge and the spots are pretty nice with a firepit and table. The only thing is most of them are sandy so there is always sand flying!

Always got to go to the Tillamook Cheese factory!
Here's a shot of Michelle's little prego belly;)

They were sampling Bubble Gum ice cream that day..
Aren't these the cutest little cones!?!?!
If anybody knows where to find them let me know:)

Driving the Baby Loaf;)

Khloe was a little uncertain about the sand and the water and the wind.

Big man with the muscles!!;)
I don't know how people do this...sand gets everywhere!

Carlin trying to teach Lily how to ride the skim board.
She tried...I'll give her that!

This is the next change of heart!!
She decided the beach is the place to be:)

Shane found a couple little crabs and is showing them to Khloe.

Oh and she started walking!!!!
She's one of the first of ours to start before she is a year old!:)

Everyone standing around watching Bruce and Carlin build their sandcastle.
It's a beauty!:)
They had all kinds of plans for it but ran out of time to put them all into action...
Next time I guess!

Fun was had by all!!!
Love beach weekends!:)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of School Party

Meg invited us to a Hawaiian themed "end of school" party.
We all wore summery clothes and brought Hawaiian food.
Everyone got a name tag with their Hawaiian name on it:)
Everyone got a lei-even Khloe had a mini one!

playing in the back yard

Quite a spread!
Even had little umbrellas for the smoothies:)
Kids favorite-the umbrellas!

Meg did alot of planning for this fun little party:)
Thanks Meg!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Trip To Bonneville Dam

Fathers Day weekend at the Fish Hatchery and Bonneville Dam.
This trip was a first for the younger ones and still fun for the older ones-adults included;)

They had a tour of the old powerhouse.

Miss Khloe-Belle

Inside the powerhouse

We could some of the salmon trying to get up the ladder-the kids thought that was awesome:)

Kam posing while we waited for everyone to come out of the gift shop.

Ahhhh-it's a bear!!

Sturgeon viewing.
This one wasn't the biggest one!

The little boys loved this part almost as much as feeding the trout:)

It was rainy and gray but still bunch of fun:0)!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Kamdyn!

Kam is already three!!!
He is our little mini man-stomping around, talking in his "man" voice and ready to defend Max for any reason at all.
He almost always has a stick "shoot-gun" and on a mission of some kind.
Even though he is rough and tumble he has a very sweet personality, happy go lucky!

He loves hats!!
This one he has on here is cousin Josh's-he left it awhile ago.
Boik and Lisa gave him one last year for his birthday that, although its waaay to small, still insists on wearing it:)
Blowing out the candles...

Happy guy!:)
Kam is the go-with-the-flow type of kid.
He doesn't let too much get to him, if it makes it better for the others he will usually give up whatever toy he is playing with..
that being said he won't be walked all over either-not afraid to jump into the fray;)

Super excited about his semi-truck car carrier:)

Happy Birthday to our sweet little man!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


We had a birthday party for Grandpa Dan and Kamdyn-we celebrated with a picnic at the park then on to the grandparents for a hot dog roast!
Bruce and I made the above grenade cake pops for Kamdyns part of the party.
They were pretty stinkin' cute:)
I'm gonna post the how to over at The Peppered Pantry later on in the week.

All the boys seemed to think they were pretty cool too!

Hot dogs at the awesome picnic table built by brother in law Jeremy:)
He should really sell 'em-they are longer than normal and the benches are a little closer to the table-makes it easy for the kids to reach.

Tiera roasting her dog...she wanted to at the campout but wasn't feeling very good so she didn't get her chance..not really sure she thought it was that great:)
I ended up doing it for her! lol

Birthday boy getting ready for present opening...

Khloe loved this little chair...she was always trying to get on then off again then trying to drag it around on her very unsteady feet that don't quite walk yet!
She 2 and 1/2 weeks away from being 1!!!
Can't believe it...

Tiera and Aubrey playing apples and oranges...
yes that is and Thanksgiving table cloth!!
Haha must have been the first one she got her hands on;)

Kam with his "special" birthday grenade pop:)

Gramps and Little Miss

This is at the Kalama park.
The Columbia River runs along there and there is a really nice walking path, volley ball and basket ball courts, horse shoe pits and a playground!
Plus the river is right there the kids love climbing around down there on the washed up trees and the rocks:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Kittens!!

Shane's cat had a litter of four kittens and of course they promptly each declared one of them to be theirs! Meaning we can't very well get rid of any of them...

Katiera loves this one...pretty cute;)

Here they all motion!

Khloe loves them but the kinda freak her out a little:)

I think this is expressing how nervous he is about those mischievous little boys...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Camp-Out Weekend

Well it's been 3 years since we last went to the church campout!!
This year started out kinda rough though-Tiera wasn't feeling good but insisted she felt good enough to go, so after checking in with the Dr. we got on the road and got down there in the late afternoon. This was a first for both Kamdyn and Khloe-he absolutely loved it and she...not so much!! She pretty much didn't want down at all-kinda freaked by the grass and uneven ground.
But over all it wasn't terrible;)

Never fails they find it and it provides several hours of fun:)

Of course ya got to climb the fence!

Khloe having a very rare for the campout nap.

Tiera and Emma wandering....I realized looking at all the pictures I don't have a single one of Shane-he was never around!!
Always off playing "Black Ops" I was told:)

Uncle Carlin teaching Khloe how to ride a bike;)
I really appreciated him at meal prep-always willing to hold Khloe {even with her runny little nose and being kinda crabby} or help the other kids with whatever they were freaking out about:)

This is where Kam spent most of his time-on his tricycle or in the horseshoe pits:)

Max on his new bike.

She looks pretty happy-ya think she can tell we are headed home!!

Classic face;)

Sweet smile:)

They all loved it and are very much looking forward to the next trip:)