Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet the Kitties~

So I got talked into getting a couple kittens...sorta got talked into it -I kinda wanted to get them some for entertainment:) They have been alot of work for Shane and Tiera {and me although I try to let them just be} I'm hoping they will learn a little responsibility:)

This one above and below is Tiera's

Her name is Grace:)

This one is Cuddles and she belongs to Shane:)
I'm sure you'll be seeing alot of them here.

Also awesome giveaway over at Edens Bouquet!! Head over there and check it out!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Kamdyn!

Kam is already 2 years old!! So crazy-it went by fast:)

So his birthday is actually today but we celebrated yesterday. It was so nice and sunny for the most part kinda windy. The girls went in the pool-they looked like they were freezing but you can't keep them outta there if there is a little sun and a tiny bit of warmth;)

Kamdyn with his new hat he got from Boik and Lisa.
He loves it cuz it's just like daddys:)


Oooh whats in there?!?!

Can't beat that!

Birthday cupcakes:)
Strawberry Orange!
2 of his favorite fruits:)

He looks so proud!

Getting ready to blow them out!
He got a little overwhelmed when everybody was standing around him singing,
but he got over pretty quick once it was time to eat!


Happy Birthday little man!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Since I couldn't fathom going to the camp-out and sleeping in a tent, we decided to head up to Lacey and stay a night and spend some time in the pool:) Didn't get pictures while we were down at the pool though-the little boys loved the hot tub! They tried really hard to put me straight into labor with their fearless antics-Kamdyn decided to see if he could just climb into the deep end of the pool while we were on the other end! Yikes! Anyway the next day we went to check out Cabela's. What a huge store! They have the middle all set up like a mountain, with animals that have been stuffed and they have an aquarium running through the middle of that-Pretty cool!

The kids were pretty impressed

On Memorial Day we had a BBQ.

This cake was really yummy-I'll be posting the recipe @ The Peppered Pantry in a couple weeks.

Just hanging out eating

The little boys showing how strong they are;)

S'mores!! Yummy I had found these HUGE marshmallows and we tried them out but they were a little much for these small mouths:)

In baby news: I had an apt. today and found out that what I had been suspecting for quite a few weeks-baby is facing the front! I'm a little freaked cuz my mid-wife told me its fine I can still have it normally it will just be a longer labor and more pushing! I'm pretty used to pushing 3 or 4 times and being done with it so you can bet I'll be doing the exercises she recommended! She also said that the back spasms I've been having are prob contractions and that I could "go" anytime-I'm totally ready and completely not ready at the same time:)