Friday, August 28, 2009

Fishing Date With Daddy

Bruce and Tiera with Mackaila tagging along were gonna take out one of the boats but it ended up not working out so they just fished off the end of the dock. They didn't catch anything tho:( Bruce did give the girls a bit of advice Tiera told me the next day when I took them all for a hike around the lake {or attempted to-lake was alot bigger than we all thought!}. She said Dad told her to cast out, turn slightly to the side,and don't talk! lol
They are actually in this picture! oh well pretty anyway:)

I took most of these pictures from pretty far away and the sun was going down

so you'll have to excuse how dark they are:)

This was just before heading down to the dock.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Hike

Well I think Im coming to the end of the Olallie trip pictures {not really I took over 500 cant put them all on right;)} maybe a couple more posts:)

This is what we were hiking beautiful and quiet at the top!
Shane, Tiera and Mackaila in front of the lake

Snack time!
Check out Maxs smile tee hee
Our joyful leader!
He hiked the whole way-2 1/2 miles one way!
This was the edge of the trail ..kinda a long way down!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Junk or Treasure??

So I thought we would take a little break from our Olallie adventure {yup I do know how to spell it! lol}. Lily and I had a few more things to get for our scrapbooking room so we headed to The Treasure Barn. They just have way too much stuff in there! Some that makes you wonder who would ever have used that in thier home and some that leaves ya wondering why in the world someone got rid of it!
Here is an old poloroid camera we got for 5$!
And here is the rest of it.
Below is some of the cool stuff we found as well...

Check out these old games!

I loved this lamp, the picture doesn't do it justice at all:)

Little side table: so cute!

Now this was just interesting! lol
Hope ya enjoyed the short tour of the treasure barn:)


Some fishing at the floating dock and a little swimming. The water was crystal clear and FREEZING!!
Surprise swimmer

He thought the water was kinda cold too:)
Probly refreshing though since he just came over the hill
from working.
Joshua with Mackaila's pole {its Barbie}

Whoa! look at that face looks like he's got a full mustache;)
He also has no qualms about using a Barbie pole! lol

These girls loved fishing and both were really good at it.

Another dirty little face:)

Yeah....oh the dirt, the wonderful dirt, that as a mom makes you just want to
throw them in the tub as fast as you can but no....
thats not an option cuz the showers that were supposed to be ready were not...
So I gave baby wipe baths.
you can prob guess at how well that worked:)
oh well
And another!!! So. Much. Dirt.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going On A Hike...

This was the 1st hike we went, I was gonna try to remember the name of this lake but for the life of me I can't. It was a really cool spot hard to get to but cool:) We had to climb down on some big rocks while carrying Kamdyn and the life jackets on my back! We spent most of the afternoon here, the floating dock was pretty cool. Kinda had to convince my city kids that it would be ok to go out there and dip thier feet in {meanwhile I'm trying to act like its no big deal but I'm totally freaked cuz I'm afraid of water and drowning!}
My Boy;) Looking all grown up!
Anita taking the fearles first borns out on the floating dock! Well not totally fearless Mackaila was a little nervous for a while:)

This is us heading out for the lake...once again in backwards Fun fun day:)

Look how dirty Max's face is! We hadn't even been there 24 hrs yet! Oh well it gets worse, LOTS worse!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

All In A Day's Fun

Here are a few more pictures for ya'all:)

Bruce helping us get set up for a day of fishing and hiking
Kamdyn trying to help himself to Tiera's cereal;)
He loved the wilderness!
This is how Shane, Katiera, and Mackaila spent the mornings. I think by the time we left they pretty much knew the names of most of the dogs and cats in the area! lol
I was in charge of feeding the guys breakfast and lunch, so we always planned our excursions for afternoon.

Im making breakfast here. chopping some onoin:)
Enjoy! More to come....

Olallie Lake Resort

Wow, what a week!! It was alot of fun, so beautiful, exhausting, completely dirty and sooo worth it!!
one of the cabins

olallie shoreline

this is 1 of the many hiking trails we went on

The view from the cabin next to ours
So we head out on Monday morning, with bruce's trusty GPS and I may have some trust issues! lol Even tho we have the thing I always wonder does this thing really know how to get us where we need to be? Answer: NO!!! We got so lost, we left from the Vanc. area at 10:30 and didn't get there til 4:30ish! It was supposed to take 3 hrs but a bunch of the roads no longer exist and there are a few different ways to get there apparently:) We drove down so many roads that started out decent then would get really bumpy and pretty soon grass is growing between the tire tracks and it totally peters out!! So after ALOT of praying I finally just stopped the van right there on the road where it clearly in yellow writing across the road says "Olallie" with an arrow pointing the way, I just stopped and told Anita I'm not moving from this spot til I know exactly where to go!! Oh yeah and I also had to worry about gas cuz the last place to get it was about 50 miles back down the mountain and I had driven all over the stinkin place already! I think we sat there maybe 5/10 mins when this couple pulled up next to us and thank the Lord they had a map!! {stupid GPS!!} Well after looking at the map and having numerous other people stop with the same question I was really begining to wonder if we would find it. Then we find out that the people helping us are from New York! Talk about the blind leading the blind hey?;) But we eventually did see it on the map and once again headed up a road we had already travelled bypassing the one the GPS told us to turn down. {stupid GPS} We finally arrived to find my hubby ready to head out to come find us if only he knew where to start looking! So kinda a bumpy start but once there all is well:) Thats all for now! More this afternoon probly...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Aventure!!

Well we are off on a real live adventure! To a historical lake resort...meaning no cell service, no electricity, and no cell service...yeah insane I know but im excited!! So I'll be back ina week maybe two (depends if i can handle more than one!) with stories and im sure a TON of pictures!
see ya later:) H.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just A Little Scrap

So this used to be one of those hanging candle holders. Lily found them at the Treasure Barn and figured we could prob use them somehow. We came up with a few ideas which at this moment I can not remember what they were;)
So while we were getting ready to put up the curtains this idea came to mind...

We are gonna put a bible verse there in the center to make it complete.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Berry Pickin'

My good friend Sonya invited me to come over and pick berries to our hearts content. She has already picked bunches of them and after this year her hubby will be clearing the bushes out. I thought it would be fun for the kids they don't remember the strawberry picking we used to do. Ya know back when I only had 2 kids was on top of things;) I'm sure I'll get used to 4 someday and ya'all won't have to listen to me whine...teehee;) Anyway I have gotten sidetracked hmmmm....maybe thats the problem?!?! Man! Ok back to the berries...the kids had fun, I had fun watching them and trying to pick berries while holding Kamdyn and trying not to get too scratched up! Max did really good he was the only one really interested in actually picking them. He would pick one and say "oooh dis is a big duicy one!" and then pop it into his mouth!! Shane, Tiera, and Ella were all trying to pick some but they mostly asked Sonya , Megan, or I to put some of ours in thier buckets! Oh well they were running around the woods having a grand old time:) Oh and Sonya and her sister Megan pretty much picked most of the berries for me...Thanks girls:)
weighing the berries: 7lbs 7oz.!
We made a full circle of the property. The girls with thier buckets...

This is what Kam did most of the time:)

Pretty decent sized berries


Whoo Hooo!!

Birthday party pictures:
Not really sure what the 1 is about?? lol
Tiera, Ella and Mackaila

Waiting for presents

Doing the hit!!

The boys got pretty creative;)
And also tell me when did boys start liking the color pink????

Scrunch them, spray them, twist them, spray them again

Eating it up!

Oh yes we even had water balloons!
Course the boys loved it the girls wanted to love it
but anytime they got hit they would come running and crying! lol
They just didnt want to throw them they wanted to carry them around in buckets like they were dolls;)
This is 1 of the two we had set up.
the girls would run use the chalkboard then run hop in the pool!


In the pool, even Grandma went in!

We set this up and were really glad we had cuz it got pretty hot in the sun!!
All in all AWESOME day!!
Shane and Katiera
God Bless!