Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some fishing at the floating dock and a little swimming. The water was crystal clear and FREEZING!!
Surprise swimmer

He thought the water was kinda cold too:)
Probly refreshing though since he just came over the hill
from working.
Joshua with Mackaila's pole {its Barbie}

Whoa! look at that face looks like he's got a full mustache;)
He also has no qualms about using a Barbie pole! lol

These girls loved fishing and both were really good at it.

Another dirty little face:)

Yeah....oh the dirt, the wonderful dirt, that as a mom makes you just want to
throw them in the tub as fast as you can but no....
thats not an option cuz the showers that were supposed to be ready were not...
So I gave baby wipe baths.
you can prob guess at how well that worked:)
oh well
And another!!! So. Much. Dirt.

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Sharla said...

what a fun trip...I could use some relaxation right now with nothing to worry about but dirty kids:)