Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going On A Hike...

This was the 1st hike we went, I was gonna try to remember the name of this lake but for the life of me I can't. It was a really cool spot hard to get to but cool:) We had to climb down on some big rocks while carrying Kamdyn and the life jackets on my back! We spent most of the afternoon here, the floating dock was pretty cool. Kinda had to convince my city kids that it would be ok to go out there and dip thier feet in {meanwhile I'm trying to act like its no big deal but I'm totally freaked cuz I'm afraid of water and drowning!}
My Boy;) Looking all grown up!
Anita taking the fearles first borns out on the floating dock! Well not totally fearless Mackaila was a little nervous for a while:)

This is us heading out for the lake...once again in backwards Fun fun day:)

Look how dirty Max's face is! We hadn't even been there 24 hrs yet! Oh well it gets worse, LOTS worse!!

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Lily said...

Anita is brave! we could never get that dock out far enough...well maybe once then tiera started freakin out!!