Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whoo Hooo!!

Birthday party pictures:
Not really sure what the 1 is about?? lol
Tiera, Ella and Mackaila

Waiting for presents

Doing the hit!!

The boys got pretty creative;)
And also tell me when did boys start liking the color pink????

Scrunch them, spray them, twist them, spray them again

Eating it up!

Oh yes we even had water balloons!
Course the boys loved it the girls wanted to love it
but anytime they got hit they would come running and crying! lol
They just didnt want to throw them they wanted to carry them around in buckets like they were dolls;)
This is 1 of the two we had set up.
the girls would run use the chalkboard then run hop in the pool!


In the pool, even Grandma went in!

We set this up and were really glad we had cuz it got pretty hot in the sun!!
All in all AWESOME day!!
Shane and Katiera
God Bless!


Lily said...

loved the shirts!!the heat...mmmm not so much but it was a blast and i think the kids really loved it!even max!!

Michelle said...

It looks like a lot of fun!! Love the green ice buckets! The chalkboard idea was cool! Well, everything was!!