Thursday, August 20, 2009

Junk or Treasure??

So I thought we would take a little break from our Olallie adventure {yup I do know how to spell it! lol}. Lily and I had a few more things to get for our scrapbooking room so we headed to The Treasure Barn. They just have way too much stuff in there! Some that makes you wonder who would ever have used that in thier home and some that leaves ya wondering why in the world someone got rid of it!
Here is an old poloroid camera we got for 5$!
And here is the rest of it.
Below is some of the cool stuff we found as well...

Check out these old games!

I loved this lamp, the picture doesn't do it justice at all:)

Little side table: so cute!

Now this was just interesting! lol
Hope ya enjoyed the short tour of the treasure barn:)

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