Friday, August 28, 2009

Fishing Date With Daddy

Bruce and Tiera with Mackaila tagging along were gonna take out one of the boats but it ended up not working out so they just fished off the end of the dock. They didn't catch anything tho:( Bruce did give the girls a bit of advice Tiera told me the next day when I took them all for a hike around the lake {or attempted to-lake was alot bigger than we all thought!}. She said Dad told her to cast out, turn slightly to the side,and don't talk! lol
They are actually in this picture! oh well pretty anyway:)

I took most of these pictures from pretty far away and the sun was going down

so you'll have to excuse how dark they are:)

This was just before heading down to the dock.


Naomi B's Blog said...

Love the new picture of the kids... Makaila sure looks like her Mom!

Naomi said...

This looks like I have a blog site but I don't... I signed up for one about 6 months ago and never pursued it...

Kristi said...

Cute!!! Jared just took the girls fishing and made a comment about them talking to much too..haha!!