Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Blogger: Now More Than Ever - Manage Posts: "Last Sat. Nights Meal Disaster! Last Sat. Nights Meal Disaster!

So it was my turn to host the meal, and well it did not go so good! On the menu was Tongue Tantilizing Pork Sandwiches with Slaw, Tyler Florence's Ultimate Mac n' Cheese, and for the dessert Caramelized Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts. It all sounds good but the pork was supposed to be in the oven for about 2 and a half hours and it was but it was still really pink inside so we put it back in and cranked the heat up. In the mean time we were all starving so we decided to have the mac while we waited...yeah not the best Mac n Cheese! It strangely had very little flavor for all the flavorful stuff we put in it, so we ended up putting extra salt and Parmesan Cheese. Then we pulled the pork out of the oven and it still wasn't cooked all the way through! So frustrating!!! We cut it into smaller chunks and gave it another whirl. Left it about a half hour and took it out and started shredding it and thats when I realized why it took so was double the weight it was supposed to be! We finally get everything ready and sit down to eat (9 o'clock or so) and it was sooo spicy! It had like 3 or 4 different kins of peppers an 2 kinds of hot sauce so it was to be expected but still man it was HOT! :) We get started on the dessert and had trouble with how hot the oil needed to be so the first couple were really crispy on the outside and very doughy inside. The next ones were heavy with grease ew! I don't think in the end that we even cared we were so disgusted or at least I was:) So now today we try again...

Progress On the Eating Front:)

Shoving cereal in:) He is getting pretty good at getting the food in his mouth.

Kamdyn is now trying out solid foods. He seems pretty:) Big deal in this house since both of my older kids didn't seem to want to ever eat! lol So hopefully he keeps it up!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kamdyns First Ride On the Swing

He loved it!! I think he'll be wanting to be out there all the time this summer:) I was kinda nervous cuz the has no concept of falling, which is understandable he is only 8 mo. I love when they first experience something for the first time especially this guy, he gets this slow smile that spreads across his face! What a sweetie;)

Max's Best Day...

is when his auntie Lily comes over especially to play with him! They swing, chase, run and play funny little games:) She really gets down on his level and plays whatever he wants. It's awsome to have the little break:) Thank God for Lily! Pretty soon she will have Kamdyn running after her too:) Here they are in the back yard where one of the fence pieces has been broken (prob by the boys although they swear it was Ella). Thats a whole other story that we don't want to get into right now:) Anyway its perfect size for max to slide through, so no more sending him out the back!

Max the Monkey!

This guy, he really gives me a run for my money! He is so stinkin' cute! But always getting into something, spilling something, and/or grabbing whatever Tiera has! lol He really is a sweetie tho some people might say I let him get by with quite a bit and I know I do but can't help it I guess:) lol Here he is climbing thru the barstool...

My little two year old: wonderful sweet happy little terror!! lol Sound familiar?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentines Day Party!!

Stephanie and I threw a party for our girls for Valentines Day it was alot of fun and the girls really enjoyed it! We did little gift bags for each of them really cool we found the bags at the dollar store and just added the flowers. The girls each got to make thier own pizza- Camalee did a heart shaped one, Tiera did a doggie shaped one, and Ella she just wanted to make sure she got black olives lol!! We moved the dining room table into the living room, threw on a tablecloth, hung some heart lanterns from the ceiling and voila! A party :) lol At the end they each made a card for thier dads:) Oh and this punch so yummy!!

I made this recipe up- Chocolate-Orange Cupcakes a winner in my book:)

The Taste of Olive Garden

Sat. night meal a couple weeks ago (still catching up:) was michelles turn, so she chose no big surprise Italian food! ;) Its kinda like me with Mexican! lol Anyway we did the salad and made the dressing all good:) Made some breadsticks didn't turn out:( The pasta we did should I put it...uh...not a hit! lol But atleast the salad was delish! Oh I almost forgot about the soup! It was zuppa dascona not sure if that is spelled right very tasty!

We also made Tirimisu (which Michelle was so excited about) totally without a doubt the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth!! We actually threw out the whole pan! Funny story tho- we had Carlin and Lily over for the dessert and we dish it all up and serve it to them and they head into the living room with it and Carlin takes a bite and then Lily takes one and just as quickly she is spitting out saying "Is there alcohol in this?" We were like oh crap yeah forgot all about that small detail "Its disgusting!" she says We're like "No! Is it really?" we taste it and are instantly trying to get it out aw it s awful!!! We were laughing cuz if Lily hadn't been right there to taste it with him, Carlin would prob have ate it out of politeness!! lol He said he didn't think that he would have but lily told us later that he prob would I wonder if he will be a little leary of eating our food now? ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kamdyn the Digger!!

This picture was supposed to be last but i cant figure out how to get them on in the right order. I've tried to put them on backwards and just however i find them and they are pretty much never right but oh well i guess:) So Kamdyn is 8 mo. already! I can already tell he is all boy and gonna be getting into everything! I am amazed at how much he is getting into already tho...the other day I had my coffee sitting on the side table and the next thing I knew it was spilled on the carpet again!! Man! If its not Max its Kam! LOL But thats boys for ya. They are alot of fun tho, and funny! In these pictures Kamdyn is playing in the pantry while I was making supper. Don't worry I won't put pics of our supper on! LOL After playing and trying to climb the ladder to get to all the really interesting stuff, he was all wore out!!

The ladder kinda keeps him from doing some real damage;) lol

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mexican Burgers...

These were some SPICY burgers!! But they were delcious! Alongside them we did Sweet Potato Fries with an Avocado Dip, which was pretty spicy but good, the right amount of spice:) For the drink we did a Black and White Malted Milkshake sooo yummy! Sweet indulgence;) By the way Sat. nights are diet night off! LOL

Max and Kamdyn

Big brother Max in a rare moment of niceness!LOL He decided to help Kamdyn eat his cherrios:)

You can kinda see that Kam wants to trust that Max isn't suddenly gonna try something!lol He's getting better tho...for moments anyway. Oops Max just shoved him over! Guess I better run!

Friday, February 20, 2009

How To Play Nerts....:)

*This is for you Kristi* ;) LOL

Everybody needs thier own deck of cards. (No 2 decks should have the same design on the back) On go each player counts out 12 cards facedown in a stack, 13th face up on stack then 4 (the cache pile) more card are laid out face up side by side to the right of the 13(the nerts pile). Aces go into the middle for everyone to play on. Cards played on the aces are in same suit, A-2-3 order. whoever finishes the stack with a king takes the pile and puts it off to the side. Anytime during play that you can play a card from your cache, you replace it from your nerts pile. When a card is played from the nerts pile either to your cache or the ace pool, the next facedown card is flipped over. In order to get rid of your nerts pile you can play onto your cache piles as in solitaire black red in the decending order, but beware you must use them from the last card laid down. At the moment that someones nertz pile is gone, they call out NERTZ!! Then each player counts what left of their nerts pile including the face up one, take that number and double it- this is your penalty number. From the ace pool all cards are seperated by their back designs and given to player of that design. This number of cards is counted and the penalty is subtracted from that amount. example: say you have seven cards left in nerts pile including face up card... double it = 14. 14 is your penalty. say from the ace pool, you got back 23 cards. subtract your penalty. 23-14. your score is 9. Obviously, if you called "nerts" you have no nerts pile, therefore you have no penalty to subtract from your ace pool cards.

Score is kept and first person to 500 (or whatever number you decide to play to) wins!

Hope this isnt too confusing to everyone. This is a lot more fun to play than it was to explain. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


This card game is awesome fun!! It's like solitaire but with a bunch of people and it's really fast paced so fun:) You have to be able to think fast and move quick or someone might get their card down first! My family was over for my birthday perfect opportunity! Of course i have to put a picture of the cake my hubby made for me:) Deep Fried Pumpkin Cake with an Orange Cream Cheese Frosting....yum-o;) lol (thats for you Michelle!)

Pretty intense:)

Hands flying!

Lily gets pretty into games!

Apparently so do I? LOL

getting ready for another round

Fun Fun Fun:)