Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kamdyn the Digger!!

This picture was supposed to be last but i cant figure out how to get them on in the right order. I've tried to put them on backwards and just however i find them and they are pretty much never right but oh well i guess:) So Kamdyn is 8 mo. already! I can already tell he is all boy and gonna be getting into everything! I am amazed at how much he is getting into already tho...the other day I had my coffee sitting on the side table and the next thing I knew it was spilled on the carpet again!! Man! If its not Max its Kam! LOL But thats boys for ya. They are alot of fun tho, and funny! In these pictures Kamdyn is playing in the pantry while I was making supper. Don't worry I won't put pics of our supper on! LOL After playing and trying to climb the ladder to get to all the really interesting stuff, he was all wore out!!

The ladder kinda keeps him from doing some real damage;) lol

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