Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentines Day Party!!

Stephanie and I threw a party for our girls for Valentines Day it was alot of fun and the girls really enjoyed it! We did little gift bags for each of them really cool we found the bags at the dollar store and just added the flowers. The girls each got to make thier own pizza- Camalee did a heart shaped one, Tiera did a doggie shaped one, and Ella she just wanted to make sure she got black olives lol!! We moved the dining room table into the living room, threw on a tablecloth, hung some heart lanterns from the ceiling and voila! A party :) lol At the end they each made a card for thier dads:) Oh and this punch so yummy!!

I made this recipe up- Chocolate-Orange Cupcakes a winner in my book:)

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Kristi said...

What a cute idea!!