Monday, February 9, 2009

Update! Its been awhile...:)

So its been 3 weeks I guess so Kamdyn is now crawling all over the place!! Its nice he can entertain himself for a few mins anyway:) He is almost 8 monthes on sat he will be I guess wow that seems crazy! lol He also pulls himself up on pretty much anything and everything. I think he's gonna be a busy boy just like his big brother Max! Also pics of one of our sat night meals and the boys checking out some video on Carlins phone.

Savannah cheesecake bars

Steak Malange
Roasted Baby Reds and Yukon Gold with Cippolini Onions

I think it was a game?


This was when he was first learning, now he pretty fast!


Michelle said...

Thats all that happened in three weeks?? :) i don't think so... Good to see you didn't forget your blogging completely though!

Holly said...

LOL!!! no im working on the rest!! i only get about 10 mins at a time! you know how it is here at the crazy house;)