Friday, July 1, 2011


She is already one!!!

This year has flown by-I know everybody says that, but with some of my kids it hasn't.
I feel a little like maybe we missed something..not really sure what though:)
This girl has been such a sweet blessing to our family!
She fills our lives with lots of laughs, she has a sweet and sassy personality.
She has been doing a-lot of screeching-so I'm starting to think she might be getting a touch spoiled-just a tiny touch though;)
I think besides Kamdyn she is our adventurous one-not much scares her.Lots of times I have to go in search of her and find her upstairs playing on Katiera's bedroom floor playing. Her favorite thing to do is go as fast as she can to the top of the stairs and call for me, as soon as she sees me she'll take off down the hall giggling excitedly as I chase after her:)
Khloe is showing us everyday that she is a go-with-the-flow and a make-my-own-way type of little lady.
It's strange to describe her like that but that's her to a T!
She will pretty much go along with whatever is going on but if she is doing something and doesn't want to quit she will let you know!
She totally adores her siblings and they shower her with tons of affection!!
We are doing a lady bug themed party for her on Sunday but we had to do a little something for her today too. This year is her golden birthday-turning 1 on the first-she won't remember it but we will have a ton of picture to show her later;)
So I took her to Woodland for her Happy Meal-which she was enthralled with!
Then we came home to have cake and gifts with daddy.

Opening her one of her gifts-big soft blocks:)
She loves these, one day at the library she played with some like them for almost an hour and I searched for some and finally found some that are similar and washable!!

She started digging in as we sang "Happy Birthday"-too cute!
She loved getting serenaded with this song, we must have sang it probly 20 times today!:)
She even tried singing along:)

She did really well with the fork too probly because there was frosting on it;)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
We love you and thank you God everyday for you;)
I can't wait to experience all the new things that being ONE brings!!