Friday, April 24, 2009

Wrapping Up the Bothell Trip...

With a little shopping in the Country Village and a nice brunch cruise. So we did alot of shopping on this Saturday. First we went to this cute little country village, which had a bunch of little vintage and antique shops and a couple restaurants amongst the chickens and ducks that roamed the village freely. There was a little shop called Paula's Pepper Jelly in a little boat on the little pond. We went a little crazy in this store. She had a lot of testers there (heehee!!) of the different jellys and barbeque sauces! Another shop was in a train caboose. There was even a trinket shop inside a windmill. There was a cute kids clothes store called Max and Bella's. They had the cutest clothes. They even had a little salon in the back with airplanes for the kids to sit in while they got their hair cut. We had the absolute best hot dogs at a little stand and then some sweets for dessert at Susan's Sweets. It was the most adorable little sweet shop. We went a little crazy there too. (I have pictures but we probably shouldn't expose those to the world! Lol) After that we headed off to what the local's call "the ave" oh that was after Lily got her second pulled pork sandwich from Caspers (the little BBQ shop I mentioned in my last post.) The Ave was so cool they had so much shopping there, every store imaginable! We wished we would have gotten there earlier because all the stores were getting close to closing by time we made it through the first few we had to try to run to the ones we really wanted to get through. We went home exhausted after pizza and woke up early on Sunday morning to go the Seattle for a brunch cruise. I dont have many pictures of the cruise because my batteries died. I was a little freaked out because i have an irrational fear of drowning to death even though I was on a massive boat I still was a little worried for the first part of the cruise. It was a blast all in all. Afterwards we stopped by Pikes Place Market after the mile high climb from the boat to the market. It was a pretty neat place I would definately go back there again. We spent probably a good 45 minutes in one of the many cheese shops :) Then we headed home satisfied with our delicous delectable and delightful weekend getaway! (We plan to start doing a weekend getaway once every year from now on!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Bothell....

We came across this tiny little BBQ place on our way to get our hair cut and nails done. The girl at the salon said it was really good so we stopped there to eat supper. MAN was it good!! I made the mistake of sharing with Lily, she ate like she had never had meat before!! LOL She actually wanted to go back and eat there again the next day, which she did.

This is an actual skin of a croc!

This is her help me I can't stop look;)
Sorry Lily LOve Ya:)
Just keepin it real, right?
They used unused toilet plungers for paper towel holders!
Such a cool place

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where the Heck Is Bothell?

And what the heck were we doing there? lol Going to the spa of course...ahhh the spa, the spa, the spa...enough said.
Nice fizzy foot soak
Glorious hour long massage
ahhhh so awesome!

We are super excited!!
Of course we had to keep our room well stocked. Diet coke a must. Water well you know:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kamdyn's Favorite Plaything

He absolutely LOVES the vacuum! Anytime its out of the closet he is crawling as quickly as he can to get over to try to take it down:) He especially loves when its in use, he likes to chase it around. The other kids are totally scared of it (I don't think Shane is actually scared) he just does it to keep the others scared...he thinks its really funny...BOYS what ya goona do right? lol
Kamdyn pretty much always has a froish (is that a word?) kind of mohawk! so cute

Even as I post he is crawling on it, over it, around it- so is Max actually! Well now he has crawled up to my knees and is demanding attention so I'll go before this play by play gets too drawn out!! lol

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Update...

So...;) I'm back! lol Here is a month (or so) all in one post!
Katiera had her spring concert at school. She looked so cute:)
They are dressed as bees:)

My sister Janel with her baby Jacob

These boys crack me up! They are all born within monthes of each other Logan in Sept., Max in Oct., and Joshua in March. They are always getting into something when they are together! Here they found a broken fence piece and i'm imagining they are discussing wether they should move it and break free to expierence the big wide world of our sleepy little subdivision or if they should be good little boys and stay on this side and keep thier mommies happy? Hmmm....lets break out!!!

This is at Joshua's birthday party.

oooo presents!

The guys did one of the Sat. night dinners. Actually Jimmy came up with the whole thing and Bruce and TJ just followed direction:) Really yummy salad the Olive Garden recipe, and something like a pizza roll and an alfredo and marinara sauce for dipping.
I had to include this one:)
Look at these cuties!
Shane finally filled his chore chart and he got to go to the store to pick out a toy:) Yay! This really inspired Katiera to fill up hers too:)