Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kamdyn's Favorite Plaything

He absolutely LOVES the vacuum! Anytime its out of the closet he is crawling as quickly as he can to get over to try to take it down:) He especially loves when its in use, he likes to chase it around. The other kids are totally scared of it (I don't think Shane is actually scared) he just does it to keep the others scared...he thinks its really funny...BOYS what ya goona do right? lol
Kamdyn pretty much always has a froish (is that a word?) kind of mohawk! so cute

Even as I post he is crawling on it, over it, around it- so is Max actually! Well now he has crawled up to my knees and is demanding attention so I'll go before this play by play gets too drawn out!! lol

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Karen said...

That's cute!! I hope Brighton isn't afraid of the vacuum. ;o)