Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Update...

So...;) I'm back! lol Here is a month (or so) all in one post!
Katiera had her spring concert at school. She looked so cute:)
They are dressed as bees:)

My sister Janel with her baby Jacob

These boys crack me up! They are all born within monthes of each other Logan in Sept., Max in Oct., and Joshua in March. They are always getting into something when they are together! Here they found a broken fence piece and i'm imagining they are discussing wether they should move it and break free to expierence the big wide world of our sleepy little subdivision or if they should be good little boys and stay on this side and keep thier mommies happy? Hmmm....lets break out!!!

This is at Joshua's birthday party.

oooo presents!

The guys did one of the Sat. night dinners. Actually Jimmy came up with the whole thing and Bruce and TJ just followed direction:) Really yummy salad the Olive Garden recipe, and something like a pizza roll and an alfredo and marinara sauce for dipping.
I had to include this one:)
Look at these cuties!
Shane finally filled his chore chart and he got to go to the store to pick out a toy:) Yay! This really inspired Katiera to fill up hers too:)


Kristi said...

well its about time. I waiting for them pics of the boys in the kitchen and there meal.i was wondering where ya!!

Holly said...

:) I know!! Its been busy around here?!?! i guess Its a good excuse right? lol

Silly Gorgeous said...

I've found that the virtual version works of chore charts for me. I use a site called Handipoints to do chore charts and it's really been fun so far!

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