Thursday, August 6, 2009

Berry Pickin'

My good friend Sonya invited me to come over and pick berries to our hearts content. She has already picked bunches of them and after this year her hubby will be clearing the bushes out. I thought it would be fun for the kids they don't remember the strawberry picking we used to do. Ya know back when I only had 2 kids was on top of things;) I'm sure I'll get used to 4 someday and ya'all won't have to listen to me whine...teehee;) Anyway I have gotten sidetracked hmmmm....maybe thats the problem?!?! Man! Ok back to the berries...the kids had fun, I had fun watching them and trying to pick berries while holding Kamdyn and trying not to get too scratched up! Max did really good he was the only one really interested in actually picking them. He would pick one and say "oooh dis is a big duicy one!" and then pop it into his mouth!! Shane, Tiera, and Ella were all trying to pick some but they mostly asked Sonya , Megan, or I to put some of ours in thier buckets! Oh well they were running around the woods having a grand old time:) Oh and Sonya and her sister Megan pretty much picked most of the berries for me...Thanks girls:)
weighing the berries: 7lbs 7oz.!
We made a full circle of the property. The girls with thier buckets...

This is what Kam did most of the time:)

Pretty decent sized berries



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Lily said...

cute!! i'm surprised max didn't come back scratched up with berry stains on his face!

Michelle said...

How Fun! Max is such a cutie!! Miss you Max!