Monday, August 17, 2009

Olallie Lake Resort

Wow, what a week!! It was alot of fun, so beautiful, exhausting, completely dirty and sooo worth it!!
one of the cabins

olallie shoreline

this is 1 of the many hiking trails we went on

The view from the cabin next to ours
So we head out on Monday morning, with bruce's trusty GPS and I may have some trust issues! lol Even tho we have the thing I always wonder does this thing really know how to get us where we need to be? Answer: NO!!! We got so lost, we left from the Vanc. area at 10:30 and didn't get there til 4:30ish! It was supposed to take 3 hrs but a bunch of the roads no longer exist and there are a few different ways to get there apparently:) We drove down so many roads that started out decent then would get really bumpy and pretty soon grass is growing between the tire tracks and it totally peters out!! So after ALOT of praying I finally just stopped the van right there on the road where it clearly in yellow writing across the road says "Olallie" with an arrow pointing the way, I just stopped and told Anita I'm not moving from this spot til I know exactly where to go!! Oh yeah and I also had to worry about gas cuz the last place to get it was about 50 miles back down the mountain and I had driven all over the stinkin place already! I think we sat there maybe 5/10 mins when this couple pulled up next to us and thank the Lord they had a map!! {stupid GPS!!} Well after looking at the map and having numerous other people stop with the same question I was really begining to wonder if we would find it. Then we find out that the people helping us are from New York! Talk about the blind leading the blind hey?;) But we eventually did see it on the map and once again headed up a road we had already travelled bypassing the one the GPS told us to turn down. {stupid GPS} We finally arrived to find my hubby ready to head out to come find us if only he knew where to start looking! So kinda a bumpy start but once there all is well:) Thats all for now! More this afternoon probly...


Lily said...

haha! i didn't think my car was going to survive that stupid gravel road for awhile! but atleast we didn't get as lost as you guys did! carlin has a good sense of direction ;) haha

The Whispering Creek House said...

Ha ha! one bit advice mapquest!