Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Since I couldn't fathom going to the camp-out and sleeping in a tent, we decided to head up to Lacey and stay a night and spend some time in the pool:) Didn't get pictures while we were down at the pool though-the little boys loved the hot tub! They tried really hard to put me straight into labor with their fearless antics-Kamdyn decided to see if he could just climb into the deep end of the pool while we were on the other end! Yikes! Anyway the next day we went to check out Cabela's. What a huge store! They have the middle all set up like a mountain, with animals that have been stuffed and they have an aquarium running through the middle of that-Pretty cool!

The kids were pretty impressed

On Memorial Day we had a BBQ.

This cake was really yummy-I'll be posting the recipe @ The Peppered Pantry in a couple weeks.

Just hanging out eating

The little boys showing how strong they are;)

S'mores!! Yummy I had found these HUGE marshmallows and we tried them out but they were a little much for these small mouths:)

In baby news: I had an apt. today and found out that what I had been suspecting for quite a few weeks-baby is facing the front! I'm a little freaked cuz my mid-wife told me its fine I can still have it normally it will just be a longer labor and more pushing! I'm pretty used to pushing 3 or 4 times and being done with it so you can bet I'll be doing the exercises she recommended! She also said that the back spasms I've been having are prob contractions and that I could "go" anytime-I'm totally ready and completely not ready at the same time:)


Out in the Fields said...

Good to hear from you again! Sounds like a new baby is going to be joining very soon, blessings on the labor and delivery:)

Lily said...

oh boy!!! we'll be prayin it goes well!!

Kristi said...

That time flew by!! Good luck with your delivery..I pray that it goes smoothly for you!

Debbie said...

Mason was posterior...and it was PAINFUL! Labor took forever before he finally flipped and then I pushed him out in 2 or 3 pushes;). So my advice is try to turn him now..but don't worry about the pushing part because 'most' babies turn before that. Won't be long!!