Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Kamdyn!

Kam is already 2 years old!! So crazy-it went by fast:)

So his birthday is actually today but we celebrated yesterday. It was so nice and sunny for the most part kinda windy. The girls went in the pool-they looked like they were freezing but you can't keep them outta there if there is a little sun and a tiny bit of warmth;)

Kamdyn with his new hat he got from Boik and Lisa.
He loves it cuz it's just like daddys:)


Oooh whats in there?!?!

Can't beat that!

Birthday cupcakes:)
Strawberry Orange!
2 of his favorite fruits:)

He looks so proud!

Getting ready to blow them out!
He got a little overwhelmed when everybody was standing around him singing,
but he got over pretty quick once it was time to eat!


Happy Birthday little man!!!!


WestSide Story said...

Happy Birthday Kamdyn! Give him xoxo for me!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Kamdyn!! That picture of him peeking in the presents is to cute!!!

Out in the Fields said...

Happy Day! what a cute little guy. No baby yet?!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Kam!!! He is getting soo big!! He does look like bruce with his hat on!!

Lily said...

aww he's such a stickin cutie i just wanna squeeze him!!