Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Strange Place For Lunch???

LOL! The kids didn't think so:) There is a strict "No Eating In The Van" rule so I was in Hazel dell and there are no parks so across the road from Wendy's there was this abandonded parking lot! Good a place as any... big, open place to unleash the kids;) lol

They loved it! It was like some grand adventure to them, I thought it was kinda funny they pretty much stayed right inside of this concrete curb, I didn't tell them they had to they just did! The other 2 kids are my Sister Anita's Mackaila and Joshua.

Shane shoving Tiera off "his"spot on the fire hydrant...

Max: good way to get a 2 year old to sit and eat!! lol

Mackaila comforting Tiera after getting shoved off Shane's Spot
Aww so sweet;)

Even Kamdyn got to get out and explore!
So all in all maybe a strange place to have lunch but it worked!


Kristi said...

lol..whatever works..right?? i need to adapt that no eating in the van rule!!! maybe after im done being!!

Anna said...

haha..that's great! i should have that rule too. but it sounds like work. especially when i'm driving 6 hrs by myself with all 5 kids..:)