Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little Of This and That

A cute picture of Hudson~such a cutie!

We had a cat-for like 2 days and then we found the owner:) the kids were sad
might have to get another one:)

I started on my yellow craft project:)

And here they sit-I'll post them when I get them hung.
They are paper lanterns for Katiera's room.

Game night-Uno
lots of fun:)

Max and Kam enjoying the sunny warm weather we had for a couple days

Max~self portrait;)

Kam helping out with some baking:)
So thats a little of what we've been up to
Just a little:)


Kristi said...

im anxious to see what you do with them paper lanterns...

Lily said...

aw what a cute little super man!!! love hudson's choco lips too!

Dapoppins said...

Yay for sun!

Paper lanterns: I bought some cute colorful lanterns at the dollar store just because they were colorful, now if I make some like you did, and hang them somewhere...where should I hang them? I love them, but they don't really go with the indoor decor...

WestSide Story said...

3 words...take picture off!!!! :) you know the one of me! but cute pic of hudson and your kiddos!