Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy May:)

Half day at school= park day!:) This time we got the kids blizzards from Dairy Queen during their 25th Anniversary sale-the kids were pretty siked to get that much ice cream in 1 sitting;) lol Bruce ended up eating his, most of Kams, and Max's needless to say he was really sick of ice cream -but only for a couple weeks since it's one of his favorite foods! We went down to the water front park after playing on the playground we wandered along the trail for awhile.

It looks almost as big as he is;)


A little off the trail...

All the boys spent most of the time throwing/skipping rocks in the water.
And finding the "best" sticks;)
Tiera looked for unusual rocks since in science they are studying about them.
We watched a dinner cruise ship come in and dock right in front of us the kids thought that was pretty cool:) The people on board were waving at us, they were so close we could here them talking!
Also today is my nephew Kendall's 18th birthday-I cannot believe he is already 18!!!
Time sure does fly by:)
Happy Birthday Kendall!!!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day!!! :)

Lily said...

haha cute!! you can barely tell kam and max apart from far away at first! looks fun~!