Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid-week Hike

Hey remember me???
I'm still here...just a tad on the busy side!

Anyway one day last week {a really nice day} I decided to take the kids to Daybreak park for a hike. I stopped by and picked up Evan and off we went to meet Michelle there.

On the trail.

I LOVE this picture of Kam-My fav of the day!

Miss Tiera

Evan giving Max a helping hand:)
It was pretty wet there, lots of little creeks we had to cross.
Kinda fun with a couple toddlers trying to cross on logs.

Little miss Khloe-big blue eyes!
She is already 3 months old!!

Here Shane and Evan built a "bridge" for the rest of us to cross on.
I didnt get a picture of the finished bridge.

Michelle helping Kam jump a log,
She ended up carrying him most of the time:)

Me and Khloe on the swing-her first ride on a real swing!
Pretty fun little hike through the woods:)