Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Khloe

Here's a few updated picture of Khloe-she is growing up waaay to fast!!
Why do they gotta do that?
It's been fun though, watching her learn to roll, scoot and try to pull herself up.
Learning her personality and what makes her happy-me holding her! lol
She is a really good baby-quiet, smiley and very curious about everything!

Trying to pull herself up!
She would get almost to her feet then do a slow spin to the floor then look surprised and try all over again-fun, fun:)

She just loves her daddy!!
She gets so excited when he walks in the door-sooo cute:)

He is telling her all about eating food, she look like she is listening so intently!
She loves to eat- not that you can tell-she is like all the rest of my kids under weight for her age.
Right now while she waits for me to get her breakfast, lunch or supper ready, she snacks on cherrios or ritz crackers.

Just hanging out in her round about walker while I make supper:)