Thursday, December 18, 2008

Somero Sisters Christmas

The Somero sisters- Carol Hanson, Paula Kandoll, and Gina Isaacson (the three of twelve siblings who live here), always get together with the families at Christmas. It's nice to see everyone and catch up, it gives us a chance to see whats happening, whats new and finally see the newest babies:) I just realized that I didn't take pictures of the new baby that was there- Brielle Hope- Justin and Tristi Wiesser's. There are always games, gifts, food, and a pinata(I'm sure this isn't spelled right) oh well:) This year Paula made up a story about the Somero family for a game of Left,Right- you have a gift and anytime in the story that left or right is mentioned you pass it in that direction til the story is done. The winner is left holding the bag:) For anyone who has not played or heard of the game;). Also the parents bring gifts for thier kids and the adults have the white elephant gift exchange.

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