Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We decided to start a new family tradition: football on thanksgiving! What do ya think? Cool right? Yeah good idea but few actually showed up. LOL oh well we had a blast anyway:) It was Boik and Lisa with Hudson, Lily, and us and all our kids. We got out there at 7:30 am, which is the reason no one else came, and it was COLD!! Everyone was like "Its too Early...Why can't we start at 9?" Babies:0 LOL!! Just kidding guys...but you better be ready next year!

The fans:)
Nice catch!

A little game play

After putting on thier tough act! lol

Looks like alot of standing around Max was on the field

Thier GRRR faces!

We did boys against girls. I prob dont have to tell ya how that went:)

Our Grrr faces kinda sucked!
Tiera took most of the pictures. She did pretty good, she doesnt know how to zoom so the ones of us playing dont show alot, but thats ok:) Us girls were always trying to come up with a better plan to keep the ball away from the boys. They always some how figured out what our plan was before we could carry it out!! I am proud to say that I made 2 of our 4 points!!:)

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