Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving on Sunday with Bruce's family. Its pretty wild jamming everybody into our house, but I like hosting:) Its easier to be home with the baby thats for sure! This year I did the turkey again but I decided to try something different...I saw on food network (once again!) the secret to a moist turkey. Best thing ever I'm telling you if you are doing the turkey this year you gotta try this! Brine your turkey! For the brine: 2 gal water, 1 cup salt, 1 cup sugar, and fresh poultry herbs. Make enough to cover over the turkey and soak 24 hours. It definately was moist and yummy:) Anyway enough about that, as usual the guys played ps2 games all day! Us girls got the food ready, served it, cleaned it up, and played a board game, then put out desserts, served it and cleaned it up again! All the while the guys played oblivous except when someone walked in front of them, or if one of the kids pulled the cord out. Kinda funny they all were scrambling to get it set back up:) The little girls came down wearing a different outfits everytime we saw them. Thats what girls do I guess:) The kids pretty much ran and wrecked as much as possible which surprisingly was'nt alot! There was 2 2yr olds, 1 3yr old, 1 4yr old and 1 8yr old boys so thats why I say wreck;) Good food, good company!:)
Getting the turkey ready

Max and his "punkin pie"

Max figureed out how to use the controls

They don't mess around!

Max and Jericho with there binkies

Sophia on the table to keep Max from "hugging" her:)


Kristi said...

Im going to try this brine and see how it turns out!!! Michelle told me about it:)

Holly said...

Its gonna be best turkey you ve ever had!!:)