Friday, November 21, 2008

Reptile Man

Freaked out mom treats kids to reptile man exhibit!!
They talked me into it! The two oldest kids came home all excited non-stop jabber about the reptile man who would be doing a show at the school tonight. It was all they could think about. I was, like, we gotta go grocery shopping. So you can imagine the scene at the store..."did we miss it?" "its dark now, did we miss it?" "If we go to another store will we miss it?" Well, we made it! I wasn't gonna go, but last minute I wanted to take pics and not sure that Bruce would remember to. Besides, I wanted to see Max's reaction to the reptiles. I was pretty freaked about the whole thing! Well, the turtle was fine... but the rest... eww!
At one point the reptile man had just put away the Water Moccasin and was telling of the world's deadliest snake: the Black Mamba. A super fast snake. He had the kids back up and sit quietly, urging that no one make sudden movements and be sure to stay beyond the "zone of death". He then began to carefully lift the box onto the table. Then he slowly lifted the lid... ZOOM!! Out shot two long black...uh...rather springy, quite fake snakes! I wasn't really prepared for that! I didn't scream, but I pretty much had a Black Mamba coming at me for the far as I could tell. My heart was pounding and on the brink of panic attack. Afterwards people could go up front and pet and hold some of the reptiles. I was worried at any moment I would turn around and have a snake in my I was freaked out on edge. I couldn't even take a pic of the turtle cause it was walking towards me! The kids loved it though, so it was totaly worth it:)
Mom not the only one freaked out. :) Dad was lovin' it.


above and below: Banana Boa Constrictor

snapping turtle

face of the banana snake
(sorry Michelle)


Debbie said...'ve had 2 in that time too!;) Looks like you stay busy with your kiddos!

Holly said...

True:) Wierd how quick time goes by! Yeah i stay plenty busy, boys are something hey?:)