Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bens Birthday

Meg had Bens 29th birthday party last night at Mollys house. Cant believe he is already 29!! When we got there I saw a little puppy sitting on the front porch and at first I was like "great now we will have this dog tripping us as we try to get our stuff into the house!" But he is sooo cute!! I actually told Bruce we need to get one too:)!!

Kamdyn with Dad, he just doesn't care about games like the rest of the guys do:) Dan and Bruce watching Clinton (mollys hubby) play a computer game.

From left: Molly, Meg, Sonya (watching) holding Sophia, Paula, and Amanda .
Playing the genius edition of trivial pursuit! Yeah we are all that good:) LOL

Here s the puppy!! So cute right?

Max just loves Sophia! He kept hugging her and she was just bawling but he didn't care!

Sophia still crying. Max going in for another hug. Not sure if he was trying to comfort her or what, but he just wanted to keep hugging her.

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