Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saturday Night Tradition

Every saturday night we get together with Michelle and Jimmy to try out new and interesting recipes. There has been some total disasters and some that we will make again and again! We all pretty much know that if the fire alarm goes off then its almost time to eat!! Every now and then we invite different people to come and (hopefully) enjoy the food with us. It always surprises them how long they have to wait for it though:) Its usually around 8 or 9 by the time we get it ready! I think its been mayby twice that we have eaten around 6:30 or 7. We've made some pretty yummy stuff if I do say so myself like pumpkin cheesecake, Italian chicken rolls, Flank steak, deep fried pumpkin cake, and last Saturday night's semi-freddo cream with salted caramel. So good!! Anyway here are pictures from this Saturday...

Michelle making the BBQ pulled pork egg rolls

Semi-freddo cookies and cream with salted caramelPork fried rice and BBQ pulled pork egg rolls

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Michelle said...

so good.... you all should try it!!! And FUN!!