Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fondue Party!

I got this fondue pot on clerance for 2 bucks (it was originally 20)!! The kids were SUPER exicted to use it, the idea of dipping a bunch of stuff in chocolate was like the best thing they had ever heard of! lol Bruce and I had gone to the Melting Pot for our anniversary last year so we both were pretty excited about it too:)
We had marshmallows, some danish things i had made (paula deen recipe), cheese & apples.
I think that was everything.

Max's puppy Freckles joined in ;)


Sharla said...

yum i love fondue:) Everytime i try make the cheese fondue from widmer it turns out horrible though i cannot get it the right consistency:( what cheese recipe did you use?

Anna said...


Holly said...

no i dont have a cheese recipe we were doing choc. you could check food network tho i go there for alot of recipes

Michelle said...

Looks fun! The kids sure look like they enjoyed themselves! Love how you thru in that you got if for only two dollars!! LOL! Love the bargains!