Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kamdyns 1st Birthday!

I can not believe that Kam is 1...I know thats what everybody says but Im pretty sure it went by in the blink of an eye!! lol So this is the cake that made me swear I would NEVER attempt anything like it again! Have you ever tried cutting and frosting a shaped cake? Man what a joke lol...supposed to crumb coat it then freeze it for 30 mins then frost as usual, but it was harder than it seemed like it was supposed to be! It turned out ok in the end not as smooth as I would have liked but whatever! Bruce was helping me and he decided to throw on a palm tree as well I gave him a bowl of white frosting and told him to add cocoa powder to do the trunk and instead of using a spoon he just dumped it straight from the container...and it turned into fondant? sorta lol it was pretty good really sweet tho.

Kam opening gifts-dinos, bugs and books:)
and a big ol dump truck!
Thank you everyone!

1st bite of cake
He was sooo tired by this time, he made a good attempt but he just wanted to sleep!
Happy Birthday baby boy;)
and many more...


Amy said...

Holy buckey of cuteness!! I call Kamalee "Kam" also...funny. Can't wait for her big 1!!!

Holly said...

lol thanks;) it'll be here before ya know it!!