Saturday, February 20, 2010

Game Night X 2

Last night it was Go for Broke- basically you try to spend all your money before anybody else does. Sounds easy but it's actually kinda hard! Last Friday we played Cranium Cadoo, it was alot of fun- playing with clay, drawing, picture puzzles and acting.

This was our snack for last nights game- apples and caramel-peanut butter dip and cheesecake dip- just added cheesecake pudding to cool whip. So yummy:)

Shane on one of his turns.

Shane and Katiera at the casino;)
Good way to get rid of some cash hey?!?!

Shane likes to use his Lego guy's for his game piece:)

Cranium Cadoo!
Got this game from Lily:)
The kids loved this game- very hands on!

Katiera drawing for the rest of us.

Shane acting out his card- can you guess what it was?!!? ;)
Fun Fun!!!


Kristi said...

Ive never played either one but they both look like lots of fun!!! We really should start this "new" tradition in our family too..the girls are def old enough now!!

Anna said...

you guys are such fun parents!

Holly said...

Nope we aren't...just asked the kids and they said no;) lol Kids what ya gonna do hey? Maybe when they are older they will look back and think we were "fun"?!

Lily said...

glad you guys could give that game a whirl we'll have to all play it some time when life slows down and i get up there! feels like forever!