Monday, February 1, 2010

Marathon Haircutting

What a day this was:) All the guy's in the house were in serious need of getting rid of some hair! This task usually falls on me but I convinced Bruce that he could totally handle it and he did great!! :) I did both the little boys while he took care of Shane's mop;) That boy had a ton of hair!! lol
I love how Shane is giving Max that sympathetic look:)

The photographer taking a break to take a self portrait! lol
Funny girl:)

Kamdyn not really loving the whole process!
Here they all are all handsome and fresh looking!!


Michelle said...

LOL!!! It can't be all about the boys, right?!?! What a bunch of handsome guys!

Lily said...

aww kam is a big boy now....not sure how i feel about it ;) jk he's adorable as always!!