Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Barn...

For as far back as I can remember this barn has never changed! It's nice to go back home to my grandparents and find everything has pretty much stayed the same:) I absolutely LOVE going back...the sounds, the smells, and the memories-especially the memories! Always good ones thats for sure, some things never change- like the way my grandma talks to my grandpa, so gruff but you can see the love and concern she has for him:) or the way whenever my grandma is out of earshot he will tell us "she's a real good woman" with a funny little grin and a wink! Warms my heart everytime I think about them...Anyway my grandpa will be 90{!!!!} this year
and he is still buying and selling horses! He loves it and will probly have some horse deals going for the rest of his life:) I absolutely love these 2 and miss them dearly!

Cobwebs that have been there since the beginning! lol

A look into the barn from the front.

There's my grandpa:)
Kamdyn loved the horses!

They have 7 or 8 barn cats, which Kam also loved:)

With the donkey, Jack {no its not the same Jack that they had when we were kids;)}
He uses Jack to train the colts to get used to wearing halters
and something to do with turning them?? {not sure about the last part}
I have tons of pictures from this whirlwind trip to SD that I will share with you in the coming days:) So something to look forward to;) lol


Life of a Busy Mom said...

Holly! Are you out here???? Helen

Debbie said...

Haha-I was wondering from your last post how you had Taco Johns but knew there was on in Tri-Cities so thought maybe you had went up there!

The Whispering Creek House said...

im crying right now i misss them! i love the picture of gramps looking up!