Friday, September 25, 2009


These are the classic poses for pictures: in front of the house,on the couch {not pictured}, and beside/on the little horse in front yard.

In front of house:)
We did this picture for the canvas board project
that Lily brought for all of us to do.
I'll post that next time;)
Oh forgot by the tree;)
Lily with Grandma.

Grandma, Kamdyn, and I
One thing we figured out is that we have the same look if we aren't smiling.
and that's grouchy! So that's where I get it from...I'm really not grouchy {that often},really I'm not:)

Gotta get the shot with the boy on the horse!
Great grandparents and Kamdyn

These one are adorable!!

This one is my favorite!
I may just have to frame it:)

Grandpa and Lily
Aww so cute!

Grandpa and I

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