Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Stuff...

I have so many pictures from my trip I decided to do a bunch all in one post.
Playing Nertz
One of the booths at Arts in the Park in Sioux Falls

Human Statue

All the stuff in this booth above is made out of old doors.
Very cool:)

Michelle and Lily made these necklaces from the one I'm wearing.
I had gotten mine from either Walmart or Target.
I think thiers turned out very cute:)
Grandpa and Kamdyn
Kamdyn checking stuff out and Gramps not sure if he should let him
unload all the stuff onto the floor to play:)
Kamdyn on the horse out front

Such a cutie!!
Sorry for the lack of writing today, feeling kinda blah and uninspired:(
More to come...


Naomi said...

Love the pics! Thanks so much for posting them! Hugs to you all..

The Whispering Creek House said...

the trees in the yard are so grown up! wow its so strange to see!love the door booth and the art windows

Lily said...

love the picture of kamdyn!!! he's adorable!!