Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Baking

A little sampling of the baking happening around here:) I haven't done as much as I normally do for 2 reasons 1. Michelle and 2. preggo! lol Michelle and I always do our Christmas baking together. 2 people can get alot more done than 1;) It's kinda a blessing in disguise this being sick, don't really feel like cooking/baking stuff that doesn't really sound good! Anyway I'll give ya the run down on the way...

These are surprisingly good! All they are is a pretzel, a rollo candy, and a pecan.
Ya put the rollo on top the pretzel and pop it in a 350*oven 5 min.s
Pull em out and press with pecan.
Got this 1 from Michelle:)
This is a tray we did for a party. From right: Ritz dips, Starbucks peppermint,
Rich ladies fudge, Rollo cake cookies and Snow peaks.
These are Sweet goobers-basically peanut butter buckeye balls on a pretzel.
The pretzel cuts the sweetness of the peanut butter ball.
Last but not least Christmas bark!


Holly said...

There's also peanut butter fudge there somewhere:)

Kristi said...

Your crazy lady..thats ALOT of baking!!!! I would hate to see what u mean by alot of!! We were lucky just to get peanut brittle and carmel just bc Jared made it..

Naomi said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! wish we were there to taste your goodies! Hugs to all of you!