Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

This year we decided to do a breakfast for the West family Christmas. Crazy though cuz none of us are morning people except for Bruce and Lisa:) Testament to that we were supposed to eat at 9:30 but I think we ate at 11:30ish;) lol Anyway we had a bunch of fun, we played games, people won prizes, good food good time!

Most of the kids, we had a little trouble with this
cuz there was always 1 baby sleeping:)
Biok and Lisa and Hudson:)
Janel, Nathan and Jacob
Carlin and Lily:)

Kamdyn really got into opening presents this year:)
Soo cute!

All the adults in our jammies:)
Poor Carlin was pretty much couch bound the whole time:(
He didn't seem to mind too much.
Max declaring he's full!
Our yummy food:)
A little evidence of Anita ;) lol

Max and Josh enjoying some Clementine's.
We had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!


Naomi said...

THanks SOOOO much for posting this! What an absolutely great idea ... breakfast in your jammies... You are SO lucky your Uncle Tom wasn't there because he would have been walking around in his underware. :)

We spent Christmas here in MN due to the weather and then went out to Grandpa and Grandmas on Saturday. Went to my folks' on Sunday and then drove back on some really nasty roads.

My Christmas letter will be late as usual. Thanks again. Hugs to you all. Love ya!

Lily said...

haha ya it was really fun this year even though carlin was out of it we all still got to have fun playing the games i'm sure you'll post about later?? love the pics of the little kiddo's!!!

Michelle said...

Love it!! It looks like you guys had an AWESOME time together!!! Love all the jammies!!