Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goodwill Goodies:)

Just wanted to share with ya some of the cool stuff I came across on a thrifting trip:)

This shade I just love! It was all wrapped up in bubble wrap and tucked in a corner:)
I was thinking I would hang it above the crib.

I'm gonna put the wire plant hanger in Katiera's room for some of her favorite stuffed animals:)
Another wire basket- not sure what I'm doing with it yet...
Then there was that pink embroidered bag.
Max thinks it cute;) lol
Front and Center some ramekins.
Then there is the locker type basket for Shane's room.

Oh forgot about the glass juice bottle/jug.

A little closer look at the bag.
And that white shelf in the background I forgot to put it in the picture, is for Katiera's room as well. It needs a little or alot of TLC:)


Sharla said...

cool i love the shade thing...strange i have the exact same ramekins my mom gave them to me!

Out in the Fields said...

wow! some good finds, love the lamp, I'll bet it was a whole lot cheaper than the original price:)

Tristi said...

OOhh, I LOVE that shade- it would be sooo sweet over a crib :) Hmm, your making me want to run to goodwill today... good thing its about 5 mins from my house :)

Lily said...

gotta love the weigh and save goodwill! looks like we'll have some projects to work on together monday!

Dapoppins said...

I never have such good luck! I did find some nice towels the other day, but every time I use them I wonder where they have been.