Monday, October 19, 2009


Sooo I was checking blog updates and found the cutest idea for Halloween decor here.
I don't normally really get into decorating for Halloween,
{other than what the kids make at school}
but like Karen, I was soo excited to get started!
Katiera painting pumpkin...
I didn't feel like making a stencil or finding one, so I had my hubby
do the writing and painting:)

I also added orange gems to the points.
So very cute!

I put them on my front porch.
Only sad part about this is I have to go outside to see them! lol
They are irresistible!!
The whole picture:)
When I saw this idea I just had to do it...cute, easy, and fun!
I ran out that same day and got the stuff and got started.
Of course right away Max man grabbed one and promptly dropped it
and broke off the stem! Nothing a little glue couldn't fix tho;)
Definitely head over and check out Karen's finished product as well!


Debbie said...

Ooh, I like those!!

Kristi said...

so cute:)))

Karen said...

LOVE THEM!! weren't they SO fun to do:D love that you got your hubby involved too:D mine got home & was very impressed when he saw the ones i did:) so cute when they are into our creativity, hey?! love that you couldn't resist this project either:)

Michelle said...

I love it!! Very festive. Good job Kandoll fam!!! :)

Tristi said...

Ohh, those are so cool! Now I'm really going to do some of my own... how funny- we'll all have boo pumpkins :o)

The Whispering Creek House said...

Very Cute!! i really think they look fab on your porch! Well done!

Anna said...

i love how they turned cute!

Lily said...

boo whoo! cute i love them! maybe someday i'll have a place to decorate like that haha