Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Girl With A Plan

The kids were playing outside on Sat. when Tiera came rushing in to tell us "the neighbors are selling kettle corn for only 5$ a bag!!!" LOL Then she said " I wish I could sell something" weell I did just bake a bunch of cupcakes the other i told her "you could sell cupcakes if ya want" and she went for it! She set the table up and made a sign while I got the cupcakes ready.

The sign she made was soo cute!

Chatting with the neighbor boy whose mom was her 1st customer:)

Here it is sooo cute!
I added what the flavors were.
Chocolate w/pumpkin cream cheese frosting
Pumpkin Gooey w/ brown sugar frosting.

Here she is set up in front of our house, not quite opposite of the little girls selling the kettle corn. I tried to get her to set up next to them but guess she didn't want to. There was a garage sale down at the end of our block, so she ended up moving her little cupcake stand down across from it. She actually sold 9$ worth! WooWhoo:)
This kinda took over my day! I don't know about you all but I hate having my kids play out in the front! {even in our sleepy little town} It just makes me nervous I've heard soo many stories that I can hardly let them. My hubby just smiles and shakes his head but I was raised in the country- no one was ever around! lol You just never know! I'm trying tho...
She had a great time and learned some good lessons too!


Kristi said...

ooohh how fun!!! Ill buy some:))) $9.oo wow thats awesome thats nothing like selling lemonade for .25..hehe

Michelle said...

Aw, how fun! She looks soo cute!

Tristi said...

awww, cute! She did pretty good! And I'm the same way with letting my girls play out front by themselves... I usually end up out there with them, or peeking out every few minutes "just to check"!