Friday, October 30, 2009

Helping Out

I actually got to volunteer in Katiera's class! I've always wanted to but with the 2 little boys...
it doesn't always work out so good:) I didn't actually have to go in and do it at school which is key to being a stay at home mom and still somehow contributing to the kids school. So the teacher called to see if I wanted to help with the Halloween party and I told her I would like to especially if she had something I could do at home. She was so excited cuz she had these bats that she was trying to get around to but didn't seem to be happening! Perfect for me, I love crafting! These were soo cute I thought I'd share them with all of you. All you need is some felt for the wing and moon, some pom poms for the body, some googly eyes for well you know;), and some pins to make them into bat pins. Oh and some hot glue!

Here they all are!

Today when we went in for the party all the kids were wearing them:)
Sooo cute and very easy!

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Karen said...

Very cute! And they look fun.