Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Well another down:) Kamdyn was dressed as a lion this year he actually went out and walked to some of the houses on our block! Bruce dropped him off and kept truckin' with the rest of the group. Danny and Stephanie come over every year and the guys take the kids out and we stay and pass out the candy. It's fun seeing all the kids in their costumes:)
I even got into the dressing up just a little:)
Couldn't keep it on for long though, it got too hot!!

Here they all are before heading out!

Shane and his candy.

Bruce passing out candy before heading out with the kids.
Oh and this post-totally backwards!
So we will work backwards from tonight back to Fri. afternoon;)
Shane in his Scarecrow costume.
People thought he was part of the decor
then he would move a little and they
would be surprised:)
He loved it!
These were the bags we made this year for candy.
This is Shane's I thought it was very cool, he put glitter for the eyes!
Soo cool:)
Shane and Katiera's bags.

All the kids and an attempt to get a decent picture:)
See Max has Black paint all over his legs:)

Tiera putting hand prints on hers.

Max and finger painting ;)

Look at Bruce in full "kids + paint" gear! lol
Kamdyn loved doing this, he was so amazed when he put his hand down and it stayed there:)
So cute!

At Katiera's class party.

Katiera and one of her good friends, Audrey.
They were at the cookie decorating station getting frosting and goodies.

More of the same:)

In Shane's classroom.
We had to split our time between their classrooms
So in Shane's we just basically just helped out with passing out food
and watched them play a game.
The game was pretty cool Lay out big pieces of paper pour some
M&Ms and give the kids straws and cups.
They suck on the straw to get a candy and drop it into the cup.
The classroom was pretty quiet for awhile;)
There is Shane's teacher there in the background, her name is Lola and she totally fits the name! She has such cool, laid back style of teaching:)
So funny, during the game 1 kid came up to saying they needed more
candy on their paper and she was like "Nah just shove in and get more there's plenty there!"
I thought when have ya ever heard a teacher talk like that?!?!
Ya want some Mom?
Such a sweetie;)
Another really post!


Kristi said...

Nice Costume..haha!!!

Lily said...

aww!! the kids all look so cute! i kinda wish we had come up there again but its all good maybe next year ;)

This'n' That said...

wow if there was the coolest moma award yes and dad award too you 2would totally get it looks like a bunch of fun.. asom cool crazy fun!!