Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orange Inspired

Spent an afternoon over at my friend Emmy's house one day last week. They were going to be making chocolate filled orange jack-o-lanterns, what a neat idea right?! There was just enough for my kids to join in the fun:) She home schools her kids so they are always up to something fun, that is after doing their school in the morning of course! Talk about super-mom she has 5 kids and another on the way! I think I'd be about to go out of my mind {uh actually I know I would;)} but she seems pretty calm and relaxed. Their place is also the neighborhood hang-out we went in the afternoon and soon there were just a bunch of kids running around:)

First you scoop out the insides of the orange.
Like so;)

Here is Tiera with hers, she insisted on scooping out her own for awhile til she realized its kinda hard to do!
This is Annika and Taylor {neighbor} drawing a face on her "pumpkin".

Once they are cleaned out you fill them with chocolate pudding.
There you have it fun little activity and a yummy snack!


Lily said...

haha thats cute!!! yes emmy really is a super mom!! God bless her!

boysinheaven said...

Hi Holly~I didn't know you blogged! Thanks for the Emmy pictures & she is a super mom! I am so glad she is my sister.

boysinheaven said...
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Helen said...

Thanks for the pictures of my sis Emmy & her kiddos! She is awesome! Looks like lots of fun! Wish we coulda been there! And hey, you DO have 4 kids! You are a super mom too! ;-)