Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harvest Party

Harvest Party
Much anticipated and gone already!
Here are a few pictures of this years events....

Kamdyn snagged somebody's coffee:)

Pumpkin carving...
Evan and Shane

Anita and her son Joshua.

Max with his "widdle punkin" ;)

Katiera the Feathered Fairy Princess
carving her pumpkin.

Shane carving his pumpkin face:)

Somebody's got school spirit!
Merissa's boyfriend Steven's cutout, I thought it looked cool
sitting among all the pumpkin insides! lol

I even got into it!
Not voluntarily though-stinkin kids...
Always insisting on having a pumpkin to carve
but when it comes down to the actual work..
well as you can see...
Ah well whatever it makes up for all the pumpkin carving
I missed out on as a kid:)
As it went into evening it got really cold,
so Joshua got all bundled up!

Caramel apples mmmm yum-o!

All kinds of different things to dip into:)
I just realized how long this post is!!
Stay with me I'm almost done....
well half-way anyway;)
Hudson got a major kick out of Max sharing his apple with him!
So cute!
Max would put it up to Hudson's mouth and Hudson would laugh hysterically!
I think some of the caramel was tickling his lips:)
The little girls with their caramel apples.
From left:
Heidi, Ella, Katiera, and Mackaila.

Here is a not so great shot of my Pumpkin Pie Bite's that I said I was gonna make:)
Yummmy...definitely make these people!!
Especially for Thanksgiving.
They were a little time consuming but sooo worth it!

Oh yeah I also made these adorable Ghost cake pops
from once again Bakerella
I'll post a better shot of both if I remember;)

Pin the nose on the pumpkin!
Now how fun is that right;)
Well Shane is standing right next to me and he says
"It was alot of fun!"
While the kiddo's were pinning noses us "adults";) were playing
a very rousing game of
How well do you know your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?
Some very interesting and somewhat disturbing{;)} answers were given,
some not to be read know who you are*wink,wink*!
ANYWHOOO....I've got more for ya'all tomorrow:)


Lily said...

haha! ya that was a blast! and dont forget to mention all the yummy soups and bread!

Lily said...

There were SEVEN different types of soup! Potato, Beef Stew, Tortilini, Ravioli, Zuppa Toscona,Italian Meat ball, and Tortilla. I tried almost all of them...wanted to try them all but i got way too full!

Out in the Fields said...

I think that looks like a very fun time! I would love to have been there for the game and found out some interesting things about the adults:)

Kristi said...

ooohhh..that looks like so much fun!!! You arent the only one that gets the joy of feeling like a kid again when it comes to carving the pumpkins:-)

Kristi said...

Oh I almost forget I made some of the pumpkin bites for our bible study and they were such a hit..very yummy!!!! (but yes very time consuming)

Tristi said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! Mmm, the food sounds yummy :o)

This'n' That said...

Wow there was no other pic to choose from of me lol Itwas asom my kids had a blastthanks guys!!

Michelle said...

Very fun!! Wish we could have been there... :)!