Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sunday at the Falls

What a fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Decided to check out some of the local sights on Sundays for a little family time. Molten Falls...sooo pretty this time of year, I've never actually done the trails, but I have been just to pull off and get out so it was really cool.

Goofy boy;)

This is pretty much where Kamdyn "walked" the trail:)

An attempt at a Christmas picture!
Some of the trails were really steep and Tiera didn't really like the idea of slip sliding down:) There was a rope tied to something to help people get the rest of the way down.
Believe me we needed it! lol

There's the rope in the lower left of the above picture.
I was standing near the top when I took this one so you can kinda see how steep it was.

This kid is in constant motion so its hard to get a clear picture;)

It was kinda nerve racking having the little ones getting down and checking
the place out, with the ground being uneven and water running by!
They did pretty good though.
Max only went in once! {a puddle}

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Lily said...

haha looks like a blast!