Friday, October 23, 2009

Face Painting

The kids got tickets to the Fall Carnival that the school puts on and 1 of the things to do was face painting. I didn't go {my group was serving at church the next day so I was cooking;)} Bruce took them. If I had gone maybe I would have remembered the camera;) Sounded like alot of fun though they had a haunted house, bunches of games, bounce house inflatables, and uh face painting!

Katiera chose to stand in line for about 20 mins. to get this gorgeous butterfly:)
She left it on for church the next day,
gotta make the most of all that standing in line and patiently waiting;)

Shane also chose to wait in line and got this...a peace sign.
I was like you waited 20 mins. for a peace sign??
He thought it was AWESOME, so that's all that matters!

He didn't want to keep it for church though, not that awesome;)

Well tomorrow is the Harvest Party and I'm still up working on stuff!
I'll be posting bunches of pictures on Monday:)
So excited!

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Lily said...

cute!! i'm not surprised teasy waited in line for that! its super cute!